National Best Women Welder Competition by Kemppi India

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Kemppi India has been carving a new face to the welding industry since its emergence. Now we have added a new page of success with the National Best Women Welder Competition. For the past two years we have been conducting the competition as an ignition to the talented women welders. Through this effort of ours, a whole world of professional avenue is being opened before the women welders. With a huge demand for professional welders, these women could easily grow in their careers while trying their hand at latest technologies in welding such as the use of Robotics, AR and VR.

The acceptance that we received for the competition is huge. Each year the number of participants is increasing proving the correctness of our decision. From 18 entrants in the first season of the competition, the number rose to 52 in the second season. The participants were selected to the finals under different categories such as the Best Structural Welder, the Best Pipe Welder and the Best Student Welder. We were amused to recognize that women welders were beyond our expectation in terms of their welding talent and knowledge. This is the right time that we provide a path for them to lead to a more successful arena in this field. This competition is in fact a fuel to the spirit of the women welders and is helping to place them in the right track.

A few shots of our innovative National Women Welder Competition are added here:

The reach of our programme is quite large that many industrial experts and industrial giants have been part of the competition every time. A great impact of this competition is evident from the job offers that the participants have been receiving during the competition itself. The industrialists are attracted to the skill- set the welders are showing off and are coming forward with tremendous offers.  The magnetically powerful effect of the competition has attracted media coverage and support.

Some of the links which can highlight the importance and reach of the competition are mentioned here:

The completion sets-off a really difficult time for the judging panel as here they are to evaluate a highly qualitative group of women welders. To ease the process of evaluation the participants are grouped under two categories- working women and students. The parameters considered in evaluating the participants belonging to the category of working women are-the Visual and the Radiography or Destructive Analysis. In the students’ category, the focus is placed on Visual and Destructive Analysis to see the Micro-structure of the welded metal.

The rising popularity of the competition has brought about an increase in the number of venues of the event. The National Best Welder Competition 2019 was held in four zones which is an increase in terms of the number of zones from the previous competition. A steep increase in the graph with respect to the number of participants, zones and every other aspect is expected in the upcoming competitions. This venture is what time is demanding. A hand to the women who want to showcase their expertise is what Kemppi India is offering through this National Women Welders Competition.

We will grow and we will also be a support to the growth of others. Like the process of welding, we are bridging the social gaps and we will continue to do so.

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